Tuesday, June 5, 2007

East Indies Trading Company Still has Influence

Council bans boy, 6, from flying Jolly Roger at pirate party - because it is 'unneighbourly' | the Daily Mail: "A six-year-old boy's birthday plans were thrown into disarray when council officials told him he could not fly his pirate flag."

I am not clear on how the dad ended up talking with the town council about birthday party preparations.

The picture kinda gives me the creeps. The red, white, and blue costume reminds me of the SUV-driving anti-pirates that we have here in the United States.

I like the cutlass, though.


JT said...

Wow...clearly, the local government must have solved poverty, hunger, homelessness, and all manner of crime if they have the time to focus on a flag for a child's birthday party.

It must be...Utopia.

Pigasus said...

Well, a real Pirate wouldn't have asked, so they're both stupid.