Monday, June 4, 2007

General Discharge Recommended for Anti-War Marine � Idaho Falls, Pocatello - Weather, News, Sports - Discharge suggested for anti-war Marine: "KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - A military panel in Kansas City, Missouri, has recommended a general discharge for an Iraq war veteran who wore his uniform during a war protest."

The article says Adam Kokesh won't lose any military benefits. That's not completely correct. I know that you have to have an Honorable discharge for Montgomery GI Bill benefits. Kokesh is currently a graduate student at George Washington University, so he might miss the $1,000 a month payout.

This is still a whole lot better than the Other Than Honorable that was under discussion. An OTH would have cost him many more benefits.


barryweber said...

I find much hope in this news. I know you may have a different perspective, but one of my great hopes is that more, at all levels, will have the courage to say 'no.'

Pigasus said...

The USMC has a responsibility to the taxpayers. They must maintain good order and discipline within their ranks. Adam Kokesh broke the rules. Some snapping of the leash was appropriate.

That said, I think recharacterizing his discharge is overly harsh because of its lasting effect. In 10 years, the public will likely have forgotten Adam Kokesh but he'll still have a General discharge.

Marines are famous for their ability to improvise. I would have liked them to have come up with another way of disciplining Kokesh that would not have had a lifelong impact.

I believe informed dissent and debate are patriotic and essential to the survival of the United States.

I believe what Kokesh has been doing is protected by the First Amendment.

I do not believe that the warrior "shut up and color" provision applies to Kokesh. But for one piece of paper, the man was already out of the military.