Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bomb suspect 'pleasant, polite'

Whenever an abomination is arrested there's a ritual dance that takes place between the neighbors of the aforesaid creature and members of the media. The media ask insipid questions such as; "So what was he like?" and the neighbors respond with the compulsory "He was such a nice man."

It's utter hooey, of course. The neighbors are never, ever going to say "Well... there was that one time he kept us awake all night throwing kittens into his wood chipper..." I think it's a dignity issue. Nobody likes to look stupid (though personally, I find I've gotten used to it) so instead of saying the truth and facing pointed follow-up questions with embarrassing answers they stick to the cliches. Sorta like professional baseball players.

Below is a snippet on the latest abortion clinic bomber:

Bomb suspect 'pleasant, polite': "Before Evans went on the 2002 crime spree that some Lufkin police still remember — it included holdups of a convenience store and a Whataburger — he lived with his mother and younger brother in a quiet neighborhood shaded by towering pine trees, according to public records and neighbor Paula Legg.

'They were really good people,' Legg said. 'Her little boy, he played baseball. They were just a normal family.'

Evans' mother, Susan Nabors, and her younger son moved in 2002 to a newer house across town, according to neighbors and public records.

People on the neatly kept street, with lawns thick with St. Augustine grass and small flower beds, recalled that Evans had lived regularly with his mother until recent months. They described him as pleasant and polite and said he mowed his mother's lawn."

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