Thursday, May 31, 2007

Police officer mistakenly shoots daughter

Police officer mistakenly shoots daughter: "STRATFORD, Conn. — An off-duty police officer shot and wounded his 18-year-old daughter after he mistook her for an intruder in their Connecticut home."

This guy is a schmuck on so many levels....

I am an NRA life member. I am a former NRA pistol instructor. I just retired from 26 years in the USAF where my job responsibilities included going to war and preparing others to do the same. I know a thing or two about the use of force.

This is the same pocket speech I give my friends when they say they want to keep a gun in their bedroom. These are the things I want my friends to have in their bedrooms in order of importance.
FLASHLIGHT. Most of the time you spend in your bedroom is at night when it's dark. Flashlights should not be black because that makes them hard to find when it's dark. For home defense a small, bright flashlight that has momentary switch on the tailcap is best.

Why is a flashlight important?
It helps you move safely and quickly at night, it helps you identify the problem, it can actually blind a dark-adapted intruder.

MOBILE PHONE. For an increasing number of people their only phone is a mobile phone. For folks that have a landline, keeping the mobile phone in your bedroom gives you a ready back-up form of communication that you can take with you.

Why is a phone important?
It's how you're going to call for help. The sooner you call for help, the sooner help will arrive. Firemen are better trained and equipped than you are for fire. Medics are better trained and equipped than you are for medical emergencies. Police are better trained and equipped than you are for bad guys. All of these people will tell you that the sooner you call for them the more good they can do.

FIRE EXTINGUISHER. Fires can spread very, very quickly. Most fires occur between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m and during most of that time, you're in the bedroom. [more here]

Why is a fire extinguisher important?
It can help you escape. Life is precious. A house is a thing that can be replaced. Additionally, a face full of monoammonium phosphate will at least delay an intruder.

LOADED HANDGUN IN A LOCKED BOX. Loaded because in the very rare instance that you'll need it, you're going to need it right then. A handgun because it's usable with one hand so you can use a phone or a flashlight. Locked box because because responsible gun owners keep their guns out of reach of people who shouldn't have them like kids or crooks.

Why is a handgun important?
Honestly, it's not. I put it last for a reason The number of bad guys that will actually break and enter your home is very small. The best place and time for dealing with these guys is while they're outside your home at the doors and windows and not in your bedroom. Your local police department most likely has a crime prevention officer who can give you lots of really good advice on how to keep the bad guys out.

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