Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Chapter One In Which Our Hero.....

I've been ranting, so here's some humor.

This guy has been investigating the collapse of the World Trade Center towers using office supplies. He was kind enough to document his work and share his results with us. Hopefully, this is the first in a series of videos. A stack of flaming modular furniture would be cool.

Ever wonder who actually buys all those penis enlargement pills, healing bracelets and plans to earn millions of dollars by selling other people plans to make millions of dollars? This guy, that's who.

Off of Denialism.


barryweber said...

The greatest comment in the whole video: "They're not glued together so this is not an actual replica of the towers."

Well, thank God for his honesty, because I was just about ready to throw all my common sense out the window and buy his theory..

Pigasus said...

I still think a flaming simulated walnut veneer 5-drawer filing cabinet would be a better test bed.

I think his side experiment of gaining a hundred pounds since high school but still wearing the same size blue jeans is also intriguing.